Find Your Hook™ and unlock your sales & marketing potential

Create messages for your website, marketing and sales material that stand out from the competition, making you the obvious choice.

Prices start at £4997 +VAT

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What's included

Personalised program

You'll be working one-on-one with me through a tailored program that fits your current messaging needs

Dedicated calls

We'll work together to uncover what your most powerful sales message is, with calls kept short but unlimited

Complete message

By the time we're finished together, you'll have a set of messages you can start to test in-market with prospects

Proven framework

This program uses a framework developed over the last 5 years that has unlocked over £20m in new sales

Ongoing support

If you need to discuss elements of the messaging once we're finished, you get free ongoing advice

Multiple Uses

We'll use your core message on your site and in marketing material & sales presentations / conversations

In-market testing

No messaging survives first contact with the audience, so amendments are included in your personalised program

Optional extras

If you need help design, writing or development, we can provide a set of recommended partners for you to work with

"Dan has an eye for detail and a hugely in depth knowledge of sales. In working with you, he really takes the time to make sure he understands your brand and proposition.

I have worked with Dan for a while now. He has a tangible, no-nonsense way of imparting his extensive knowledge of business and sales strategy & process. He's helped me transform my sales proposition and approach which is now delivering huge benefits for my business."

Rebecca Hartley | CEO at Saving Grace

How it works

This is a private project where we work together on your commercial messaging. The project takes place either entirely on the phone/video meeting or with elements live at your offices (depending on your needs).

By the end of your project, you will have a new set of sales and marketing messages to use across your website, marketing & sales material and in your sales conversations. 

We'll use a proven framework to get to the heart of what makes you special and how to communicate that to customers.




In this part of the project, we'll go deep into your business, market, compeition and - most importantly - your customers to understand what really makes everyone tick.



Next, we'll create a core commercial story that everyone in your business can understand and that can be used everywhere you need to market and sell to people.



Finally, we'll create specific messages for your website, marketing material, sales presentations and your sales conversations that look and feel right for their context. 

Who you'll work with

You'll be working with me, Dan McDevitt. I'm the founder of Hooked and I've spent over 20 years creating sales and marketing messages. 

I've created over 5,000 pitches and presentations, selling over £70m worth of products and services and built my own multi-million pound agency from scratch.

If there's one thing I know, it's that I certainly don't have all the answers.... but I definitely know some good questions to start with.

I look forward to working with you.

"Dan’s been integral to accelerating our sales growth over the last few years. His ability to understand both our business as well as our fundamental beliefs, and turn that into impactful client facing sales messages, has been an enormous benefit to us.

Being on hand to constantly evolve that material has allowed us to spend a lot more time in market talking to clients, rather than trying to stumble our way through an area which isn’t our expertise. I couldn’t recommend him more."

Paul Barnard | Commercial Director at Regital


This program is best suited to businesses with revenues of at least £500,000, who expect to create a minimum return of 10x on their investment.

If your current sales and marketing messages aren't clear, concise and compelling, this will provide you with the clarity you need to push forward.

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