Develop the sales stories that get customers wanting to buy

Whether you're bootstrapped or funded, sales is the lifeblood of any business. These resources and services will help you get where you want to be as quickly as possible. 


Free resources

[Free Guide] The 3x3 Sales Presentation Framework
Complete 9 key boxes and you’ll create compelling sales narratives that prospects can buy into. It works for meetings, speeches from the stage, videos or webinars.

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Create a new story-driven sales presentation
We'll work together step-by-step, so confusing slides won't ever haunt your dreams again. Suitable for stage presentations, customer meetings & online webinars or videos.

This uses my own 5P Method™ for sales presentations that's taken years to perfect and has helped generate over £70m in sales.

Sales presentation consultancy starts at $2,500 US / c.£2,000 UK + local taxes

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Develop your selling skills
Many founders are brilliant at what they do, but find they suddenly need to acquire new skills in order to thrive in their own business.

Sales is one of the most important (yet often least desirable) skills to master. And doing a bit of training once, frankly won't cut it. I'll work with you step by step to develop the sales skills you need for your particular business and be on hand to answer questions as you go.

Your first call is free to find out if we're a good fit.

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What clients say

We’re a small business growing very fast, and undergoing massive professionalisation in what is traditionally a lifestyle sector. I was facing the challenge of a laid back and young team needing to up their sales game without feeling like they were part of some corporate monster.

Having worked with Dan previously, his relaxed, no BS approach seemed like a good fit. Dan spent lots of time understanding our rather niche operating culture, and put together a framework for discussion that allowed the team to drive the session and draw on their first hand experience to develop their own best practice consultative sales approach.

The work we did has now evolved into the core of customer service at The Hangar and we have seen a massive improvement in the team understanding commercial opportunities and maximising them with confidence, without losing any of the friendly, chilled vibe we like to maintain at our climbing walls."

Vivien Underwood | Customer Experience Director, The Climbing Hangar

With laser clarity, wit and good humour, Dan has had an immediate influence on the way I do business through his sales consultancy.

This is not template driven or by the numbers work"

Simon Alexander | Co-founder, FeedFirst Media

Dan has helped me develop a suite of tools that appropriately fit my sales strategy and approach and look uber professional.  He has an eye for detail and a hugely in depth knowledge of sales. In working with you, he really takes the time to make sure he understands your brand and proposition to deliver something perfect.

I have worked with Dan for a while now. He has a tangible, no-nonsense way of imparting his extensive knowledge of business and sales strategy & process. He's helped me transform my sales proposition and approach which is now delivering huge benefits for my business"

Rebecca Hartley | CEO, Saving Grace

From presentation of an initial software product prototype and high level pitch deck, Dan has helped me refine and pivot my business idea in order to create a compelling and coherent sales message and value proposition.

He has also helped me shape and validate my message by cutting through the noise to bring clarity using his wealth of commercial knowledge and his ability to translate conceptual ideas into sales opportunities"

Paul Featherstone | Founder, PartnerPages

I worked recently with Dan on a strategic web project. Dan's input was invaluable - providing longer-term strategic direction and insight alongside pragmatic, achievable short term tactics and actions. I can't recommend working with Dan highly enough.

He has been a pleasure to work with and has added real value. He was always responsive and timely whilst bringing expertise and an ability to combine theory with practical suggestions"

Simon Kendrew | Head of Sales and Marketing, KCOM

Dan’s been integral to accelerating our sales growth over the last few years.

His ability to understand both our business as well as our fundamental beliefs, and turn that into impactful client facing sales messages, has been an enormous benefit to us.

Being on hand to constantly evolve that material has allowed us to spend a lot more time in market talking to clients, rather than trying to stumble our way through an area which isn’t our expertise.

I couldn’t recommend him more"

Paul Barnard | Commercial Director, Regital

Dan helped us craft a perfect sales message that made it easy for customers to see how we solved their problems"

Richard Purvis | Founder, Crunch Simply Digital
Dan's customer-first approach had a massive impact on the way we sell"
Neil Walsh | Founder, SDPG
Dan is a sales and marketing wizard"
Louis Halton-Davies | Founder, WebMarketer UK