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I make resources and provide consultancy to help you create a great investor-friendly story.

A lot of it is free and you don't need to give me your email address to get it. 


Free resources

[Free Guide] Build Your Most Effective Pitch Decks
No pitch deck is easy, but this guide is a quick & simple base to build on when you plan, write and design your own.

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[Free Tool] Grade Your Own Pitch Deck
A simple Google Sheet I pulled together to help you honestly assess your own pitch deck. Input your topline slide detail and it'll give you a grade for the whole thing.

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Work with me

Fundraising's a nightmare. Even the world's greatest deck won't get you funded if you aren't a fundable business. But a bad deck that's full of confused messages means you won't even get chance to find out, because the investor won't get what you're offering.

I can help with quick pitch deck strategies as well as building your full investor decks right alongside you.


Done-with-you pitch deck creation

I'll help you write a pitch story and design decks that are clear, understandable & attractive to investors. We'll work one-to-one over a series of calls and collaborate live on documents. 

During the process we wireframe, write and design your whole deck. You also get to "battle-test" it in a live call with an experienced capital raising specialist who will give you honest feedback on what needs to be done.

Pitch decks start at $1,500 US / (c. £1,250 UK) plus local taxes, with design available. The process can take as little as one week, depending on your availability.

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