Hello again

It’s Dan McDevitt here.

(If you want my bio, it’s at the bottom of this page.)

But first, let’s chat about how I might be able to help you.

My job is to help you unlock your most powerful sales messages.

Most of the people I work with are owner-managers or senior staff in an independent business that's at a crossroads. They're doing well, but want to step up their sales & marketing game in order to break through to their next phase of growth.

Usually this means helping fix something that’s not working. A sales presentation that’s not converting, a website that’s unfit-for-purpose, marketing that’s ineffective (or non-existent) or skills that are missing.

When I was a business owner, one of the things that bugged me most was getting rinsed by agencies, consultants and suppliers who wanted to drag out an engagement to justify their fees.

The fact was I’d often have been happy to pay them even more just to be faster.

I also felt most of them never quite ‘got it’ and would have to tweak their work in the end anyway.

So, Hooked is built differently.

I want to give you the tools, knowledge and frameworks to fix problems yourself wherever possible and as fast as you can. You wouldn’t be in business in the first place if you weren’t a problem solver, right?

And, when you need a fresh pair of eyes, I offer guided programs that solve specific problems where we’re completely in it together. We’ll use proven frameworks where either you or I can take on the bulk of the work, depending on your timeframes and budget.

About Dan

Normally these ‘About’ pages are full of boasts and bullshit, but I don’t want to waste your time with any of that. 

So: This is ‘me’ in 30 seconds.

I’ve been a writer, designer, producer, salesman and business owner for over 20 years.

The truth is that, at first, I found selling incredibly tough.

A combination of the right mentors, tons of practice, mistakes, learning & luck meant I was able to succeed.

But a job was never enough.

I was only able to work for other people for 5 years before I jumped to start my own thing.

It failed miserably, and taught me more than any success ever could.

Later, as co-founder of what became a multi-million pound agency, I learned the hard way about how tough & lonely it is to actually grow a business.

In all of the above, I found two things to be absolutely true:

1. The only thing that got me ahead was the ability to take complicated concepts and turn them into simple ways of communicating.

2. No marketing or sales story can outweigh a shitty product in the long run.

Since 2014, I’ve taken every bit of my 20+ years experience and crammed it into consulting, workshops and programs, so that I can help other people sell & market themselves more effectively.

I love doing it and I learn something new every day from a ton of amazing business owners.

If you’ve got a brilliant business that's ready to go to the next level, I’d love to speak to you.