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home the money

Consultancy, advice and resources for entrepreneurs
who don't quite have their story straight

Do you have great ideas but
can't always get them across?

  • Do customers not quite understand how you can help?
  • Do your sales presentations send people to sleep?
  • Do investors not really get it when you get chance to pitch?
  • Do your website visitors immediately vanish without trace?
  • Do team members all describe what you do differently?
  • Do sales prospects never become leads, let alone deals?

Get help crafting stories that sell

I’m Dan McDevitt. I've been a writer, designer, salesman and business owner for over 25 years. I provide resources, coaching and private consultancy that will help you unlock the stories that actually make you money.

If your website, marketing collateral, pitch decks, presentations or sales conversations are failing to hit the mark, start by clicking one of the links below or book a call with me today.

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A true master at sales, yet at no point a sales man. A highly polished individual with a world of experience in storytelling and marketing. I work with Dan on projects related to marketing, processes, novel technologies and most importantly, people. Dan's people skills are outstanding, he's got this amazing ability to identify and manage situations without much being said."

Lety Kemp. Head of Business Intelligence, Crunch Simply Digital

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