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Why Sales Presentations Fail

Are you making these obvious mistakes, costing you potential customer's attention, respect and money?

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I’m Dan McDevitt and I run Hooked. I've been a writer, designer, producer, salesman and business owner for over 20 years. Now, I help independent companies unlock their most powerful commercial messages, generating £70m+ in sales to date.

If your website, marketing collateral, presentations, proposals or sales conversations are failing to hit the mark, please request a free consultation here.

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A true master at sales, and at no point a sales man. A highly polished individual with a world of experience in storytelling and marketing. I work with Dan on projects related to performance media marketing, data processes, novel technologies and most importantly, people. Dan's people skills are outstanding, he's got this amazing ability to identify and manage situations without much being said."
Lety Kemp. Head of Business Intelligence, Crunch Simply Digital

Is a confused message costing you sales?

  • Do customers not quite understand how you can help?
  • Is your sales collateral failing to convert like it should be doing?
  • Do you start to ramble when people ask what you do?
  • Is your website falling behind the competition?
  • Is your strategy feeling unclear or getting compromised?
  • Is everyone in the team creating growth for the business?

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